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Ian Wimsett

Ian Wimsett, Public Sector Account Executive. I have been at DocuSign for 3+ years now and have been working with the State of Indiana for half of that time. I started my tech sales career at Oracle 8 years ago and have been supporting the public sector for the past 6 between Alfresco Software and …

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Jeremy Terbush

Jeremy TerBush is a leader in the analytics space with 20 years of experience building solutions and leading global teams in the hospitality, retail real estate, and education industries. He has led the development and execution of corporate strategy for analytics at multiple companies. He is equally comfortable in the board room and the scrum …

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Kaitlin Reimann

Kaitlin is a business and community leader who is passionate about harnessing ideas, data and the collective power of people, corporations and nonprofits to solve our toughest problems. Kaitlin has award-winning experience in helping Fortune 100 companies driving digital and  organizational transformation to create unexpected value for their customers, employees and shareholders.

Sara Robinson

Today we’re seeing revolutionary changes in hardware and software that are democratizing machine learning and making it accessible to any developer or data scientist. Whether you’re new to ML or you’re already an expert, Google Cloud has a variety of tools to help you. We’ll start with the basics: how to use a pre-trained model …

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Jonathan Klinginsmith

Jonathan Klinginsmith leads the High Performance Computing area in Research IDS at Eli Lilly and Company. His work includes partnering with computational scientists to meet ever-increasing demands of advanced computing at Lilly. Jonathan is a Ph.D. candidate in computer science from Indiana University. Jon’s academic research work focuses on the use of cloud computing to …

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Bill Russell

Bill Russell joined Cummins Inc. in 2015 after more than three decades of experience serving in the Defense, Intelligence, and Security Operations sectors. As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Bill manages the cybersecurity and cyber-risk management program protecting Cummins’ digital and information assets globally. Bill enlisted in the US Army as a private and held …

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Dr. Richard Conroy

Dr. Richard Conroy is a Program Leader in the Office of Strategic Coordination at the National Institutes of Health, leading large-scale (>$200M) programs across NIH. Currently, Richard coordinates the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) and the Somatic Mosaicism and Retrotransposition (SMaRT) programs, and previously worked on the Single Cell Analysis and the 4D Nucleome programs. …

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Dr. Mehmet M. Dalkilic

Track: Artificial Intelligence Dr. Mehmet M. Dalkilic, born and raised in Austin, Texas was the first faculty in the The Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. He is an Associate Professor in Computer Science/Adjunct in Statistics and the Director for the Undergraduate Data Science Program this inaugural Fall 2020. He was responsible for Informatics’ …

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Boyd Steere

Boyd Steere is a Principal Research Scientist at Lilly, where he works as a bioinformaticist in the Immunology therapeutic area, heads the biology effort of a drug discovery team, and leads Lilly Immunology’s single cell multi-omics program. Dr. Steere graduated from UCLA in 2000 with a PhD in X-ray protein crystallography. He then joined the …

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Dr. Juergen Klenk

Title: A GCP-native platform for biomedical research Abstract: Two years ago the healthcare industry has crossed the zettabyte barrier. It is now the industry with the fastest growing data volume, and it is continuing on its blistering exponential growth – doubling its data volume about every two years. At the same time, unprecedented compute power …

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