Shubham Jain

Director and Business Head of RADCube

Topic: Smart IoT in the 5G world

Shubham Jain is the Director and Business Head of RADCube (a STLogics Company). In his present role, he is responsible for formulating company strategies and championing business transformation activities.

On the business side, he has deep expertise in corporate strategy, program management, customer satisfaction modelling, new product development, operations and delivery.

On the technology front, he has expertise in client server architectures, digital design and development, cloud computing, big data technologies, user experience frameworks and IT infrastructure.

Shubham is an Engineering undergraduate with a Masters in Business Operations and he holds many esteemed certifications in both technology and business. He has worked for companies like Mckinsey & Company and Tata Group in management consulting and played critical parts in achieving breakthrough business impacts both on the top line and bottom line for clients in various industries.