Scot MacTaggart

Veteran Consultant

EagleDream Technologies is a true full-stack digital factory with an excellent list of credentials and case studies that establish it as one of the premier cloud consulting partners on the continent. EagleDream is one of only 40 AWS Premier Consulting Partners in North America, and one of 325 Microsoft Azure Gold Partners. EagleDream has achieved its success by building an award-winning team of specialists in cloud architecture, application development and data science, all on one all-star team, based in Rochester, NY.

Scot MacTaggart is a veteran consultant to innovation and technology companies, best known for his podcast Pitchwerks, and for having cofounded the entrepreneurial strategy firm KRNLS (“kernels”). Scot is now the newest sales director at EagleDream Technologies, helping the company continue its rapid growth into new sectors and new geographies. Scot lives in Western Pennsylvania, and has 20 years of management and consulting experience around sales, marketing, operations and business growth.