Purnima Kuchikulla

Director of Customer Success

Track: Cyber Security

A company’s journey to the cloud not only involves migrating its data but also the preservation of data context such as access policies and other metadata. Furthermore, infrastructure teams responsible for building cloud-based data infrastructure are not always well versed in topics such as data security, governance, and compliance. The lack of context and its impact on governance and data lifecycle adversely affects the user experience. The burden of managing the underlying data access policies and entitlements can significantly slow down the adoption of cloud services and detracts from the organization’s goal to realize the full potential of its data in the cloud. Privacera Cloud eases this transition by significantly reducing the complexity associated with migrating analytics workloads to the cloud.

Specifically, Privacera’s centralized, fine-grained access control on Databricks will be reviewed. Optimize the performance of Databricks infrastructure by adding Privacera security and compliance workflows. Learn how Privacera’s Apache Ranger-based architecture in the cloud integrates with Databricks Delta Lake to enable a secure multi-tenant framework to efficiently find and easily manage sensitive data with centralized, fine-grained access control.


Purnima Kuchikulla heads Post Sales at Privacera, where she works with customers on their cloud and big data strategies, Purnima is a big data evangelist with 15 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about DevOps and K8S, working with multiple customers on their Kubernetes journey. Previously, she was at Hortonworks, IBM and ADP.