Eric Charran

Chief Architect

Simplifying IoT – Inside Microsoft’s Journey to Make IoT more Scalable, Configurable and Transformative

Eric Charran is currently Chief Architect in Microsoft’s Azure Engineering division.. Eric relies upon his 25+ years of cross-industry experience in helping organizations develop revolutionary and transformative software solutions to help customers transform. He is a recognized industry influencer, speaker, teacher and technologist focusing on the architecture of globally impactful software systems for organizations around the world.

Eric focuses on helping organizations adopt technologies, including industrial scale IoT solutions, contextual data analytics, and artificial intelligence, to infuse their operations with insights and digitally transformative outcomes through proven architecture experience.

Specialties include: Organizational, technical, solution and data architecture, business process engineering, cloud computing and solution development, product development and design, Internet of Things solutions at industrial scale, technical strategy, educational instruction, innovation, data contextualization and artificial intelligence