Dr. Juergen Klenk

Precision Medicine Leader

Title: A GCP-native platform for biomedical research

Abstract: Two years ago the healthcare industry has crossed the zettabyte barrier. It is now the industry with the fastest growing data volume, and it is continuing on its blistering exponential growth – doubling its data volume about every two years. At the same time, unprecedented compute power offers opportunities to explore ever more advanced machine learning and AI methods to mine the data. Moore’s Law is fundamentally transforming biomedical research into a data science. But biomedical researchers aren’t data scientists. The vast majority is not trained to use cloud platforms to share their data and run their workflows. They need an easy-to-use platform that enables them to do what they are best at – science – without having to worry about the underlying technology. In this talk we will discuss how we developed a GCP-native platform to support biomedical research. We will provide an overview of key principles critical to the biomedical community and discuss how the platform adheres to them, review the platform architecture and provide a short demo.

Bio: Dr. Juergen Klenk is a principal with Deloitte’s Strategy & Analytics practice. A PhD mathematician, he is responsible for data science and AI across the federal health sector, focusing on biomedical and clinical research. Dr. Klenk’s work spans several fields, including AI, NLP, semantics, and software engineering. He has applied concepts from these fields to topics such as precision medicine, clinical trials optimization, regulatory science, and health outcomes research. Over the past years, Dr. Klenk’s work has focused on open platforms for biomedical and clinical research and advancing the principles of open science, open data, and the “commons” notion. He is a pioneer and innovator, has served as CEO of a bioinformatics startup, holds multiple patents, and supports advancement in biomedical research and data science through articles, book chapters, and conference presentations. Dr. Klenk earned a PhD in Mathematics from Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen (Germany) and conducted research at the Australian National University in Canberra (Australia) and Yale University.