Deepika Vuppalanchi, PhD

Senior Medical Director

Title: Pivotal role of telehealth during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Telehealth leverages various remote communication technologies to collect and transmit health information. In this session, we will explore how to leverage telehealth to complement population health strategies and review insights from various healthcare organizations on how they have successfully used telehealth to address challenges in care delivery. We will also discuss on the future digital transformations in the telehealth arena.

Bio: Deepika Vuppalanchi, PhD, serves as a Senior Medical Director at Precision Value Health that focuses on marketing pharmaceutical science. Deepika is closely involved in understanding customers’ beliefs and behaviors so that she and her team can craft the most impactful messaging to reach the target audience. Her works involves amalgamation of complex science and human behaviors to weave together an accurate, compliant medical story. Deepika has closely partnered with major pharmaceutical companies for close to a decade and has played a crucial role in developing brand marketing tactics that creatively anchor brand strategy to clinical science and market insights.

Deepika received her MS and PhD in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Delaware. She has also worked in distinguished research labs for several years elucidating the molecular mechanism of several diseases leading to publications in high impact scientific journals.