Chris Baddeley

Manager, Services Solutions

A leader in CAS’s Services Division, Chris is responsible for managing an informatics-based services support team that works to enable the needs of CAS Services clients across all scientific domains. His expertise is focused in the area of Life Sciences and Materials. He draws on 15 years of materials, chemical and chemical informatics experience, including diverse expertise in CAS Registry, CAPlus, Markush and regulatory chemical databases.

Previously Chris worked in the Content Operations and Innovation Divisions at CAS. Before CAS, Chris worked as a research scientist in the polymer industry. He holds a Masters in physical organic chemistry from the Ohio State University, a Masters in Industrial Polymer Chemistry from the University of York, and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Presentation Title: High-quality data and human expertise: Building a Foundation for Digital Innovation

Presentation Description:
Machine learning has always required high-quality data, and lots of it! However, all data is not created equal, and data alone is not enough. Successful implementation of AI technologies also requires significant investments in talent, technology, and underlying processes to maximize the value of all that data. This talk will define key data requirements for AI applications such as machine learning; explore the importance of foundational elements such as platform, process, and culture that support success; highlight the critical role of humans in truly achieving the promise of AI across applications. The talk will also demonstrate the application of these principles to digital innovation and AI via real case studies.