Carol Curran


Carol Curran is both a successful entrepreneur and champion for women everywhere. As someone who desires to live in a world where there are more women-owned businesses, Carol dedicates most of her time to connecting women to one another and creating opportunities for women to thrive throughout Indiana and beyond.

Having started Phoenix Data Corporation in 2001, Carol leveraged her expertise in the technology industry, all while completely self-funding her firm’s growth and success. After the realization of her firm’s needs in niche industries, Carol accumulated numerous contracts with the State of Indiana, health care and logistics partners, and the United States Department of Defense.

In addition to her professional work, Carol is highly involved within many boards and multiple health associations in Indianapolis. Carol is the past president of the Indianapolis Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and current president of the NAWBO-Indy Foundation, as well as an advisory board member for Enterprising Women and a member for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Carol is also an active member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Women in Defense and has served on the National Advisory Board of Key4Women as part of KeyCorp’s focus on women in business.

At the end of the day, Carol stands by her core values of “courage, commitment, compassion, and character,” and introduces those traits to everyone that she does business with. Carol is a tireless advocate for women business owners, as well as women everywhere – making her an individual that others seek out to become.