Caleb A. Class, PhD

Assistant Professor

Caleb Class is an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Butler University, where he is preparing future health professionals to thrive in a world of big data and precision medicine. His research involves the development of bioinformatic tools to help pharmacists, health professionals and the public better understand complex genomics data, from data processing and analysis pipelines to dashboards for easy visualization. Caleb is also mining and analyzing large metabolomics databases to better understand drug treatment and response mechanisms.

After starting his research career in computational chemistry, Caleb expanded his focus into the areas of bioinformatics and biostatistics at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Caleb became a highly valued collaborator, resulting in peer-reviewed manuscripts in diverse areas as immunology, hematology, epidemiology, radiology, and biostatistical methods. In addition, he has independently developed software to improve the integration and statistical analysis of ‘omics data. Caleb holds a PhD from MIT and a BS from Purdue University, both in Chemical Engineering.