Andrea de Souza

Sr. Director, Research Data Sciences & Engineering

Andrea began her career as a neuroscience researcher and transitioned to building and leading informatics and scientific teams across multiple therapeutic areas. Most recently, Andrea focused on building the Pharma Artificial Intelligence market at NVIDIA. Through this experience she has travelled the world advising biopharmaceutical, academics, research institutes, and startups in the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence across every discipline in our industry. Prior to her current role at NVIDIA, Andrea held leadership positions at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Amgen, and Roche.

Additionally, Andrea serves as an Informatics Advisor for the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases and is a member of the NIH HubMap Advisory Team. Andrea has a B.S. in Animal Physiology from UC Davis, a Master’s in Health Administration from University of San Francisco, and an MBA from MIT Sloan. Through her broad research efforts, Andrea has publications in journals as diverse as the Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design, Bio-organic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, and Neuropharmacology.

Andrea currently works at Eli Lilly & Company empowering the LRL Research organization with greater computational, analytics-intense experimentation to raise the innovation of our scientists. As the Global Head of Data Sciences and Advanced Analytics, Andrea leads four organizations: the High Performance Computing Team, the Data Engineering team, the AI/ML team for Research and the Research Informatics team.

Andrea loves to travel, cook, and spend time with her family and friends. She’s also a strong advocated for Women in STEM and an HBA member. Her original port of entry into the United States was South Bend, Indiana and as such building the external brand and presence for Indy Big Data feels like a dream come true.